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SOLEMENDER® was invented at the age of twelve by Ehan Kamat.  

After watching his mother roll a  frozen toy on her foot to alleviate foot pain, he learned that the medical community often recommends freezing a water bottle and rolling the sole of the foot on it to treat foot pain such as plantar fasciitis.

Ehan, a lifelong idea guy, thought that a refreezable roller with a nonskid base would be a more effective, less messy alternative than a frozen water bottle. 
Ehan prototyped his invention at home then, with the assistance of his father went on to submit a patent on the SOLEMENDER® (pending).  

The name SOLEMENDER® is derived from the first act of the play JULIUS CAESAR by William Shakespeare where a cobbler claims to be “a mender of bad soles”.  

The SOLEMENDER® is an exciting new way to treat plantar fasciitis pain.
Ehan hopes that his idea will help relieve pain in millions of people suffering from this condition.

Ehan is a member of Independent Youth, a national teen entrepreneurship empowerment organization.

Ehan has (along the way) been fortunate to win a number of awards:

- 2017 Saint Louis University Angels in the Outfield  Pitch Contest (Second Place)

-2017 Baylor University Youth Entrepreneur of the Year (Second Place)

-2016 Saint Louis University Angels in the Outfield  Pitch Contest (Grand Prize)

-2016 Upstart 100 (Top 21 Inventors in the United States) 

-2016 Saint Louis University Angels in the Outfield Contest (Grand Prize)

-2015 Saint Louis University Teen Escalator Pitch Contest (Grand Prize)

-2015 Start Up Weekend Saint Louis (Grand Prize)

Ehan and his dad, Vinay appeared on ABC's Emmy Award winning show Shark Tank (Season 9, Episode 4) where all the sharks including guest shark A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) tried the Solemender.  Since the episode people from all over the world have reached out with positive reviews of the Solemender.