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The Solemender

Unlike traditional foot rollers and massagers on the market today, the SOLEMENDER® uses an innovative design to treat painful foot conditions.  The all-inclusive device utilizes a removable and re-freezable roller to simultaneously cool and massage the sole and heel.  Doctors typically recommend cold and stretching to initiate treatment of foot pain.  The patent-pending SOLEMENDER® offers both treatments in one portable unit.

Professional Athlete Approved!

See our Pro Page where Super Bowl Winner and NFL Linebacker Marshall Newhouse raves about the Solemender!

Patented Technology.

Solemender received US Patent 10,716,702 B2 in July of 2020.

Universally Recommended

  • Doctor Recommended

    "The SOLEMENDER is a game-changer for athletes, patients and anyone with foot pain."

      - Robert Brophy MD, Team Physician and Professor of Orthopedic Surgery

  • Patient Recommended

    "Get your "SOLEMENDER!"   This wonderful invention addresses the need for massage and cold." 

    - Cynthia O., Illinois, Lifelong Sufferer of foot pain and SOLEMENDER® Superfan

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How long should I freeze the SOLEMENDER roller?

Typically we recommend a minimum of two hours in the freezer before use but leaving the SOLEMENDER roller in the freezer overnight will provide the best treatment. 

Why is the SOLEMENDER the best treatment solution for foot pain?

Cold therapy has been used for hundreds of years to treat inflammation.  Doctors, podiatrists and other health practitioners have long recommended that treatment of foot pain included cold therapy to reduce inflammation.  The SOLEMENDER provides a reusable cold foot relief solution in one non skid unit.

How much does the SOLEMENDER cost?

The SOLEMENDER is priced at $39.99.  Other treatments for foot pain can be much more expensive and/or painful.  For the price of a co-pay at a specialist you can get your own SOLEMENDER which can be reused whenever you need it.

How do I know that the SOLEMENDER works?

The SOLEMENDER has been used by hundreds of people. We have received glowing testimonials from many customers.  See our testimonials section for more information. 

I am hearing a squeak with my solemender. What do I do?

The wells of the roller may warm up with rolling.  One drop of oil in each well will work like a charm!

Can I get an extra roller to put in the freezer?

We are not able to currently offer an extra roller but would like to soon.

What is your return policy?

As the SOLEMENDER is a personal care product, we cannot return it once used.  If unopened or there is a manufacturing defect, contact us at info@solemender.com.


Superfan Cynthia O, Illinois

Your inspiration and creation are brilliant!  I was so excited about your creation because I have suffered from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and arthritis for years--my late 20's to my current age of 65.  When I was in pain, chasing a golf ball was ridiculous!  I tried other sized balls.  Another fiasco!  I tried a rolling pin with no success.  I used to get peanut butter in a plastic jar; and when it was empty, I would fill it almost to the top with water and freeze it to roll under my foot.  Most of the time I hand rolled the jar on my foot.  I massaged, froze, heated, and stretched to no avail.  Most of the time I just suffered and limped.  Limping today, as I get older, negatively impacts other parts of my body.  So, what to  do?  Get your "Sole Mender!"   This wonderful invention addresses the need for massage and cold.  The ability to apply varying amounts of pressure as one massages is necessary to facilitate healing of the foot.  One is also able to use this device to keep the fascia stretched (cold or room temperature) and to refresh one's feet after being on them all day!  Rubbing one's foot on the roller just feels good.  The ease of use is amazing with no chasing parts all over the room!

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